Radium Engineering 15+ Subaru STi TGV Housing Kit

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The OEM tumble generator valves on the Subaru EJ engines create an air flow restriction. Radium Engineering TGV housings feature a smooth bore and permit the option to use secondary injectors for high fuel demands.

These TGV housings were designed in-house and utilize die-cast manufacturing to achieve shapes and features not possible with other manufacturing methods. The inner bores are perfectly smooth without machining marks. Even with the extra features, they are 56% lighter than OEM TGVs and 14% lighter than CNC billet variations.

The outer mounting bosses on the TGV housing have been redesigned to provide additional clearance for larger turbo inlet pipes.

Dual port injection (per runner) capability make these a good match for high power engines using alternative fuels. However, they can also be used in a standard single injector configuration.

The eccentric threaded blocks make these TGV housings compatible with a wide variety of Subaru EJ intake manifolds.

NOTE: Because the TGV potentiometers and DC motors are removed, ECU tuning is required.

All OEM and aftermarket replacement (top feed) fuel rails are compatible, including Radium fuel rails 20-0567-02 or 20-0479-02. Furthermore, the TGV housings are compatible with OEM top feed Subaru fuel injectors or any aftermarket OEM equivalent injectors.
If additional fuel injectors (8 total) are required, the preinstalled 2AN ORB plugs can simply be unscrewed from the upper injector ports and the Radium 20-0499 DPI Fuel Rail can be used.

1. Fuel rails that convert from side feed to top feed injectors are NOT compatible.
2. Because the TGV potentiometers and DC motors are removed, ECU tuning is required.

These TGV housings are bare aluminum with a satin finish. If the user would like to add a surface treatment of their own (paint, powder coat, etc) know that die-cast aluminum alloy is not compatible with anodizing.

These TGV housings utilize a Cerakote black coating originally formulated in Oregon, USA for the firearms industry. Cerakote is a state-of-the-art polymer-ceramic composite coating. It is only 0.001" thick and exceeds powder coat with resistance to abrasion, wear, chemical, and corrosion and is superior in impact strength and hardness.

Contents of the kit are shown in the photos below. Fuel rails are sold separately.

-Aluminum TGV Housings (x2)
-Aluminum Eccentric Manifold Blocks (x2)
-Dual Port Injection 2AN ORB Plugs (x4)
-TGV to Cylinder Head Gaskets (x2)
-Stainless Steel Hardware (x4)
-Flanged JIS Hex Head Bolts (x4)

These products are intended for off-highway use only on racing or competition vehicles that may never be used on a public road.

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