AWE Tuning B9 A4 2.0T ColdFront Intercooler

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AWE Tuning Audi B9 A4 2.0T ColdFront™ Intercooler

  • Average cooling efficiency of 92% over stock
  • Fits securely behind stock crash bar
  • All aluminum construction for maximum heat transfer
  • Efficient bar and plate core construction
  • Cast aluminum end tanks with integrated internal baffling
  • CAD designed and CFD tested to ensure optimized flow in and out of core
  • Pressure tested assembly before leaving our facility
  • No effect on OE radiator or A/C systems
  • Utilizes factory hoses and clamps
  • Designed and manufactured in-house at AWE Tuning
  • No Check Engine - Guaranteed
  • Perfect Fitment - Guaranteed


The AWE Audi B9 A4 2.0T ColdFront™ Intercooler

Multiple phases of design have resulted in AWE’s efficient cooling solution. Cast aluminum end tanks with internal baffling and bar/plate aluminum core for maximum heat transfer, manufactured to handle even the harshest amount of boost pressure.

Whether you are simply running enhanced software or are planning on a larger turbo upgrade, our ColdFront Intercooler solves heat related issues that come with more boost. Keeping your intake air temperatures low and pressure drop at a minimum results in better engine output, especially when outside temperatures climb. The ColdFront™will provide the safety margin needed in order for you to push the limit with confidence.

What’s in the box?

Complete AWE Tuning B9 A4 2.0T ColdFront™ Intercooler assembly, support bracked, and all required installation hardware.

Note: the ColdFront™ Intercooler reuses the factory intercooler hoses and clamps.

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