We are currently looking for a limited number of the following vehicles for sponsorship:

  • 2015+ WRX and STi
  • 2015+ Audi S3 and RS3
  • 2016+ Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V
  • 2015+ EcoBoost Mustang
  • 2016+ Camaro ZL1
  • 2016+ VW Golf R
  • 2014+ BMW M3 and M4
  • 2015+ Hellcat
  • 2017+ Ford Raptor

For our sponsorship program you must meet the following requirements:

  1. The sponsored car will attend a minimum of 5 major shows within the first year. Please provide us with a list of the shows you plan on attending along with any website or supporting documentation of these shows.
  2. Doyouevenboost.com must receive a copy of registration for each show attended.
  3. Doyouevenboost.com must receive photographic proof of the sponsored car attending each show.
  4. The owner of the sponsored car must actively promote doyouevenboost.com during each show attended.
  5. The sponsored car will display a minimum of 3 decals or logos on the exterior of the vehicle. Doyouevenboost.com must receive photographic proof of the logos affixed to the car during each attended show. 
  6. All products supplied for the sponsored vehicle must be used solely for said vehicle and cannot be resold, transferred, held in storage or otherwise modified.
  7. You must hand out or display provided advertising for doyouevenboost.com at each show and event.
  8. Doyouevenboost.com must be included on all signage that appears with the vehicle, sponsor boards, and in all source box listings as follows: doyouevenboost.com Ph: 910-IGO-FAST.
  9. Special consideration will be given to those with large social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Before we can sponsor your car we need:

  1. Fill out our sponsorship form which can be obtained by emailing hello@doyouevenboost.com.
  2. Digital pictures of your car including minimum 4 exterior shots of each angle, interior, and engine bay pictures.

Once we have all of this information we will consider your application. If accepted into our sponsorship program you will receive up to a 50% discount on parts plus freebies! Once you have filled out the form and taken pictures of your car please email them to hello@doyouevenboost.com