FAQ on Volkswagen and Audi Wheel Spacers

FAQ on Volkswagen and Audi Wheel Spacers

Deciding on Spacer Thickness for Your Vehicle:

1. You will want to park your car on very flat ground/level surface before taking measurements.  

2. Make sure your front wheels are completely straight.

3. Using the image below, to learn how to measure the gap between your fender and wheel.


Audi and Volkswagen Wheel Spacer FAQs

4. After measuring the gap you will be able to choose the correct size for your spacers.  Make sure to choose a spacer a few mm smaller than what you measured to avoid having your tires rub.

What Bore Size Do You Choose?

- Volkswagen: 57.1 Center Bore

- Audi: 57.1 or 66.6 Center Bore (66.6 on 2010+ A4,S4,A6,S6,A7,S7,RS7 models)

What About Longer Wheel Bolts?

**You WILL need longer wheel bolts when using spacers**

To determine what length wheel bolt you will need, just add the spacer size to the length of the stock wheel bolt size.

The stock wheel bolt size is 27 mm so lets say you determined you need a 10 mm spacer.  Your new wheel bolts will need to have a length of 37 mm.

If you cannot find a wheel bolt with this exact length, always go with the closest size by rounding up.  Just make sure that the size up is within a few mm (2-3 mm). **Never round down.**  

What About Hub Height?

The hub is where your spacer sits.

The image below shows a hub and how to correctly measure the hub height.  Make sure you are measuring in mm or that you convert from inches to mm after measuring.

The product listing page should show your vehicle listed if the hub height will work on your vehicle.

**If the hub height is greater than the clearance of the spacer, you will have vibration issues and possibly cause damage to your vehicle.**

Hub Height - Audi Volkswagen Wheel Spacer FAQ

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